Austin Moore

Austin Moore was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He┬ábecame interested in radio around the 5th grade. He listened to country music and felt like a “loser” because he didn’t know all the cool songs the other kids were listening to.

He started listening to Q94 (WRVQ) and discovered what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to do what the guys on the radio did.

In middle school he started my own internet radio station with a friend. Later on they created an online TV station that had different shows every evening.

In high school Austin hosted two syndicated radio shows that were heard on over 50 radio stations.

When he turned 16 he began working for Clear Channel Entertainment (now iHeartMedia) Richmond as a board operator for his favorite station, Q94.

In 2016 Austin graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications/Broadcast Journalism.

In March of 2017, just months after graduating, Austin accepted his first full time gig and moved to New Bern, North Carolina to do nights for Bob 93.3 (WERO.)