Drink Cheap: Applebee’s is Selling $2 Vodka Lemonades This Month!

I’m what I like to call bougie on a budget. 😂 (Sounds like a perfect podcast name!)

I’m always trying to find ways to do things without spending a ton of money.

While I’m not usually a fan of chain restaurants, I might be a fan of Applebee’s this month. They’re back at it again with another drink special. For March it’s the $2 Absolut Vodka Lemonade!

Now that’s something I can get behind! Ha!


The only drawback… alcohol isn’t great for my diet, and I’m pretty sure the lemonade has a TON of sugar in it. So now I’m on the fence… go to Applebee’s for a cheap drink, or #GetSkinty. This is tough.

What would you do? I mean… I could go for a $15 of Burnette’s and mix it with water… as long as I work out. Right? lol!

PS – I’m totally guilty of going for their unlimited chicken tenders a couple of months ago. Oops!

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