Fergie National Anthem Fail - Worst National Anthems
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Fergie National Anthem Fail: Top 5 Worst National Anthems

Last night, Fergie sang an embarrassing rendition of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star Game.

Fergie at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game

However, Fergie is not the first to ruin the Anthem in front of the world.

Top 5 Worst National Anthems

#5 Scott Stapp of Creed at the Ford 400

#4 Steven Tyler at the Indianapolis 500

#3 Kat DeLuna

#2 Christina Aguilera at Super Bowl XLV

#1 Roseanne Barr

BONUS: Best National Anthem of All Time: Whitney Houston

After all of those terrible anthems, I had to spotlight at least one good one. This is my favorite.

Have you seen worse? Post in the comments below!

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