I Got My First Ticket

Toyota Tacoma and Mini Cooper

I have always been a ‘safe driver’ without a ticket.

In fact, I always told my friends they better do this or do that or they’d get busted. One of the main things I always harped on was stopping completely at stop signs! Gotta love a backseat driver. 🙂

I have been told by multiple people that I drive like a grandpa, which I don’t agree with at all! I get from point A to point B quickly, but I always like to abide by the speed limit. I follow the “nine you’re fine, ten you’re mine” rule.

Yesterday when I was driving to work, apparently I didn’t completely stop at the stop sign right in front of my work… and I got busted.

I saw the cop riding up behind me, but his siren was on.

“Surely he isn’t after me, he must be heading to something important” I thought.

So of course, I pulled over to the side of the road to get out of the way, only to see that he was pulling over too. At this point I knew I was screwed.

My coworkers saw the whole thing happen.

Now, being pulled over sucks… but what sucks worse is getting pulled over in front of your workplace! A few people at work saw it happen and they were waiting in the parking lot for me to cross the street.

Even my boss who was eating his lunch in his car.

Because I work in radio, everyone had something to say. Gah! They were all pretty nice about the whole thing though, just a couple of deserved jokes.

When I told my roommate, she was like “WHAT? You never speed!”

She was right. I don’t. But apparently I don’t come to complete stops.

I now have to swallow my pride. I’m no longer mister “I’ve never had a ticket.” 🙁

The ticket is about $250. Court date is set for April. Wish me luck!

Oh, and if anyone knows anything about a “prayer for judgement” in North Carolina, let me know. I’m doing my research now…


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